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Issues Solutions
$15-20 Billion dollars in workers' compensation costs paid out by companies for worker injuries. Retro-fit Drive System power enhancement reduces the risk of these injuries when moving heavy loads.
Moving Loads Long Distances. Retro-fit Drive System works up to 5 miles per battery.
Moving Heavy Loads. Retro-fit Drive System easily moves up to 1000 lbs.
Braking on Ramps/Inclines/Declines Retro-fit Drive System Utilizes an Electric Brake.  Brake locks the load in place when not in motion.  Anti-Roll-Away, Anti Roll-Back.
OSHA-recordable Musculoskeletal Disorders Retro-fit Drive System power enhancement reduces stress on the body when moving heavy loads.
Ergonomics Hazards when moving heavy or repetitive loads. Retro-fit Drive System power enhancement reduces stress on the body and improves posture while moving heavy loads.
Twisting of Back while Tilting Load. Retro-fit Drive System utilizes an Electric Brake.  Operator no longer pushes axle under weight to initiate balance of load.  Electric brake holds loads steady while operator tilts load backward in a safe manner.
Overexertion Injuries from Pushing and Pulling Heavy Loads. Retro-fit Drive Systema. Puts load in motion.
b. Maintains load in motion.
c. Stops load in motion.
Moving loads up/down hills.
Loading docks/Ramps.
Retro-fit Drive System works like "cruise control" on a motor vehicle, when going uphill/downhill, the motor will maintain constant speed as allowed by operator.
Dirt/Gravel/Grass/Alleys/Sidewalks. Retro-fit Drive System easily navigates through rough terrain.  The exposed transaxle is optimized for maximum ground clearance.
Heavy-user all day. Retro-fit Drive System power enhancement can reduce leg and arm fatigue.
U.S.A. and International Patents Pending MADE IN THE U.S.A.