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Powered Hill Climb
Without exception, every single consumer product is transported by a hand truck at one point or another from manufacturing to point of purchase. Thirty years ago when the convertible aluminum hand truck was first invented it was a revolutionary idea that has come to dominate the Manual Material Handling industry. However, where one challenge was solved, that being the ability to move more product per load, another was created; the weight of the new load capacity was greater than the ability of the worker to move it safely and efficiently. Only in recent years have Ergonomic and Safety studies performed by Liberty Mutual, the United States, and Canadian OSHA revealed that this is a real problem that costs companies millions of dollars annually.

Nearly 30 years later we have the solution to the problem that has been somewhat kept in the shadows. Industry Assist has met this problem head-on by eliminating the human force required to move a heavy load with a convertible hand truck from one point to another. In the simplest of terms, our product improves the life and longevity of the material handling worker, so that after 10-20 years of delivering or moving a company's products or equipment, the worker hasn't left his back, knees, and shoulders on the job. At the same time operational efficiency is increased by allowing the worker to do their job faster.  Our product improves a company’s operational efficiency and ultimately increases profits. Less injuries means less claims, and less claims means lower insurance premiums. Benefits will become most apparent after years of usage and tracking.

The idea to power a convertible aluminum hand truck came to the company co-founder Steve Chambers in the year 2000. While working in Hollywood on motion picture films he continually witnessed the “crew” overexerting themselves moving their heavy equipment over rough or inclined terrain many times a day. There was a need to power the hand trucks used on movie sets to quickly and quietly move heavy camera, grip, and lighting equipment.

With his idea, Steve approached Jason Potts, who had experience with electric powered vehicles, to see if they could make this futuristic vision a reality. After three years of rigorous research and development, Chambers, Potts and their team of engineers produced the world’s first Retro-fit Drive System (RDS) for convertible aluminum hand trucks (U.S.A. and International Patents Pending).

Industry Assist is targeting the Materials Handling Industry, a large, mature industry with a proven track record of quick uptake in new technologies.  Material handling operations make up a very large part of many types of businesses: manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and especially shipping and delivery. As the total industry is so large and growing, it is very rare that a company can maintain a proprietary advantage in operational efficiency. The implementation of a third-party technology, i.e., RDS, provides a reliable way to see efficiency improvements months and years ahead of competitors. Our product allows companies to increase the functionality of a proven product they already own and use.

Industry Assist has paid close attention to the reports generated by OSHA and Liberty Mutual, who both have acknowledged overexertion injuries caused by moving heavy loads exist and recognize this as an ongoing problem in today’s material handling industry.  Reducing overexertion injuries, improving workplace safety and increasing a company’s productivity are the benefits our product offers. We look forward to the opportunity to prove it.

Industry Assist distributor New Haven Moving Equipment.
Los Angeles, CA.

RDS demonstration under load at Beverage Warehouse.
Marina Del Rey, CA.

Senior hand truck powers load with
16 cases of beer.  Budweiser Distribution Plant in
San Marcos, CA.

The RDS is designed to maximize ground clearance.
U.S.A. and International Patents PendingMADE IN THE U.S.A.